Your clients and prospects don't want a class on Social Security.

They just want to know:
  • “What will we get?”
  • “When should we start collecting?”
  • “How do we know if we're getting as much as possible?”
You make money by answering those questions as quickly and accurately as possible, then using the answers to start the discussion you're paid to have.
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“ Social Security Explorer is the BEST tool to come along in a long time that HAS IT ALL. It answers the why, when & how’s your clients have and it needs very LITTLE information keyed in to engage the client. All that is left is to guide them to the appropriate life or annuity sale. This has become the best prospecting tool of the last decade in my opinion. Everyone wants to know what their options are and how to maximize it. Be your communities' Social Security expert and reap the benefits. ”
Brett C. Benson, President/Managing Partner
Premier Agent Marketing
  • Take advantage of one of the hottest sales topics of the day.
  • It's a great way to introduce them to your full retirement services.
  • Facilitates retirement discussion about where insurance and annuities fit in their plans.
  • Helps them quickly see how benefit start ages and strategy affect lifetime Social Security income.

Social Security Explorer analyzes all 7 Social Security strategies, 81 age combinations, and 567 sets of calculations, picks the best option and puts a star on it.

All in one simple, visual display

Each square represents an age combination. Social Security Explorer calculates all 7 strategies for that age combination, and colors the square based on which one’s best. And does it with all 81 squares.

Give them solid numbers and strategy—using the same terminology used by the Social Security office.

Help your clients find their best options just by pointing! Click on any other square and you'll see how that benefit start age combination compares to the optimal.

Mac and iPad Compatible
Easy to use and highly interactive! Looks and works great on PCs, Macs, and iPads.
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You can put Social Security Explorer to work for you for only $249 per year.

  • Radically different from other Social Security calculators, your clients and prospects can see at a glance where their best options are.
  • Use as a door opener.
  • Use for seminar selling.
  • Earn qualified referrals to other pre-retirees who would have interest in learning what strategy is best for their particular situation.
  • Life insurance premium can be generated from the income stream for those clients who “don’t need” their retirement social security benefits and may decide to take the income and ‘redirect’ into a life insurance policy for legacy purposes, charitable purposes, or spousal income at death.
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